3 Steps for Strengthening with Smartballs for Kegel Exercises

Smart balls guide to strength
Smart balls award winning Kegal balls are ideally suited to helping women with pelvic floor strengthening exercises.

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• Smart balls unique design for Kegels
• 3 Step guide to strengthening with Smartballs

Smart Balls Design for Kegels

Smart balls are premium pelvic exercisers and they received the 2010 International Forum Design Award in Hannover. These weighted pelvic exercise balls consist of either single or double weighted balls and can be used for pelvic floor resistance training.

Smart Balls & Kegel Exercises

  • Excellent fitSmart balls ergonomic design and slightly elliptical shape help women to feel them during Kegels in position and readily retain them within the vagina. This helps women strengthen using resistance standing upright.
  • Teneo Uno is the single ball design has also been designed for use by women with uterine prolapse (although this will depend on the prolapse size).
  • Teneo Duo is the two ball design having a heavier overall weight lends it well to progressing pelvic floor (pc muscle) strength exercises.

3 Step Guide to using Smartballs for Strengthening

Smartballs can be used to add resistance to traditional Kegel exercises i.e. lifting and lowering Smartballs using pelvic floor muscles. This training aims to increase pelvic floor strength and tone like using weights in the gym for muscle strengthening.


If you are starting out commence with the lighter Teneo Uno – single ball design (42g). The Teneo Duo – double ball design (84g) provides greater resistance and is therefore ideal for progressing resistance with improved pelvic floor strength.

Step 1 : Set up

  • Place a small amount of water-based lubricant on Smart balls for comfortable insertion. Lubricants containing silicone may erode the surface of the balls and are best avoided. Sliquid Natural Organics is an ideal water-based lubricant to use with Smart balls.
  • Place one leg on a low chair and insert Smartballs as you would insert a tampon placing the ball inside the vagina with the loop remaining outside the body for ease of removal. The lowest edge of Smartballs needs to sit above the pelvic floor muscles, approximately 2-3 cm withing the vagina (as opposed to the upper vagina where a tampon sits).

Step 2: Training

  • Standing upright lift and squeeze Smart ball using your pelvic floor muscles to grip the ball.
  • Lower the Smartball exerciser back to starting position and rest your pelvic floor until recovered.
  • Repeat the same action lifting and lowering Smartballs for up to 3-10 seconds, 8-12 times in a row. This is one complete set of Kegel exercises.
  • To strengthen your pelvic floor most effectively try to repeat 3 sets of resistance exercises on 2-3 alternate days of the week. On the days you don’t use Smartballs, do your regular Kegel exercises.

Step 3: To Finish

  • Gently remove Smartballs using the retraction loop, rinse well with warm water and dry well to store.

More Information

For more information on Smart balls please refer to our Smart balls single and two ball design product details.

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