How to use Smart Balls for Pelvic Floor Exercises

Smart balls award winning Kegel balls are ideally suited to helping you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Smartballs Duo Kegel Ball Exerciser

Smart balls were awarded the 2010 International Forum Design Award in Hannover for design excellence.

These pelvic exercisers are weighted Kegel balls  and can be used just like regular weights for strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

Read on now to learn:

  • How to use Smart balls for strengthening
  • How Smartballs strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • Strength training tips for Smart balls

How to use Smartballs for Strengthening

Starting Out

If you are starting out with a pelvic floor strength program commence with the lighter Teneo Uno – Smart balls single ball design (weighs 42g). The Teneo Duo – double Smart balls design (weighs 84g) provides greater resistance and therefore ideal for progressing to a stronger pelvic floor workout.

Step 1
Place a small amount of water-based lubricant on the ball for comfort and easy insertion. Lubricants containing silicone may erode the surface of the balls and are best avoided. Water-based lubricants such as Sliquid Natural Organics are ideal to use with Smart balls.

Step 2
Place one leg on a chair to insert Smart balls. Insert Smart balls just as you would insert a tampon placing the ball inside the vagina with the loop remaining outside the body for ease of removal. The lowest edge of Smartballs needs to sit above the pelvic floor muscles, about 2 cm inside the vagina.

Step 3
Ideally perform pelvic floor exercises with Smartballs standing upright.

Step 4
Lift and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles so the Smartball lifts slightly within the vagina. Then lower the exerciser back to resting and relax your pelvic floor.

Step 5
Repeat lifting and lowering Smartballs for 3-10 seconds, 8-12 times in a row. This is one complete set of exercises. Try to repeat 3 sets of exercises on 2-3 alternate days of the week.

How Smart Balls Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

Smart balls were originally designed as female pleasure device. They are still used for this purpose by women who place them within the vagina for stimulation and arousal.

Pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened using vaginal weights – just like lifting weights in the gym.

Smart balls can be used as a resistance device to load the pelvic floor muscles as they lift, squeeze and lower the balls inside the vagina. This means lifting and lowering Smart balls with Kegel exercises to improve pelvic floor strength.

Smart Balls Design

  • Ergonomic design and slightly elliptical shape make them an excellent fit within the vagina. This means they are easily felt by the user and are readily retained within the vagina which is most beneficial for women who have difficulty using the smaller cone vaginal weights.
  • Teneo Uno is the single smartballs design has also been designed for use by women with uterine prolapse (although this will depend on the prolapse size).
  • Teneo Duo consists of two weighted balls and with a heavier overall weight lends it well to progressing pelvic floor (pc muscle) strength exercises.

Strength Training Tips for using Smartballs

• Start strengthening at a comfortable level – For example, if you can do 3 Kegels with Smart balls, this is where you start and progress up to 8-12 repetitions as your strength improves.
• Contract strongly – Kegels for strengthening will be most effective with strong Kegel exercises.
• Progress the load to progress your strength – Pelvic floor muscles need to be challenged for ongoing strengthening. After commencing with the Teneo Uno (42g) progress to the Teneo Duo (84g).
• Exercising with Smart balls should always feel comfortable and pain free – immediately cease any exercise that produces physical discomfort.

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