Amielle Care Vaginal Dilators – Radiotherapy & Gynae Surgery


Amielle Comfort Vaginal Dilators provide gentle and effective prevention and treatment of vaginal shortening, narrowing, adhesions and scarring to improve the ease of intercourse and vaginal examination.

Contoured for comfort and graduated in size, these premium vaginal dilators allow you to self pace your treatment in the privacy of your own home.

All our dilators are supplied with Physiotherapist guidelines for home use.


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Amielle Care vaginal dilators are manufactured by Owen Mumford, the award winning producers of medical devices renowned for their environmentally sensitive quality medical products.

Amielle vaginal dilators are used in the clinical setting by Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists, Clinical Oncologists and Sexual Therapists and recommended at home to support and progress clinical therapy.

Amielle Care Benefits

Benefits of regular use can include:

  • Prevention of scar tissue formation within the vagina after radiotherapy to the cervix, vagina or pelvis.
  • Vaginal lengthening and improving elasticity with scarring after gynaecological surgery.
  • Improving physical comfort with sexual intercourse and vaginal examinations.

Conditions Treated

Amielle Care vaginal dilators are used for progressive treatment and prevention of:

  • Vaginal shortening after gynaecological surgery
  • Vaginal narrowing after surgery or radiotherapy
  • Pelvic floor spasm (vaginismus)
  • Scarring after gynaecological surgery
  • Adhesions with radiotherapy
  • Pelvic pain conditions associated with tissue shortening or muscle spasm

Amielle Care Contents

Amielle Care includes:

  • 4 medical grade vaginal dilators graduated in size
  • Twist and lock handle
  • Neat carry/storage pouch
  • Instruction pamphlet
  • Lubricant

How Amielle Care Works

Amielle care vaginal dilators work by:

  • Lengthening shortened tissues
  • Promoting gentle tissue stretch and flexibility to vaginal tissues
  • Preventing scar tissue and adhesions
  • Maintaining vaginal length and elasticity with radiotherapy
  • Promoting pelvic floor muscle relaxation
  • Improving tolerance to touch
  • Improving tolerance to vaginal penetration
  • Improving personal confidence with penetration in a self paced manner

More information on How to use Amielle Care Vaginal Dilators

Amielle Care Features

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Designed in consultation with medical therapists
  • Soft smooth contoured surfaces
  • Durable high grade medical grade composition
  • Optional handle according to preference
  • Twist and lock handle design
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Complete with instructions

Amielle Care Dimensions

Size 1: 9 x 2cm (3½ x ¾”)
Size 2: 11 x 2.5cm (4¼ x 1″)
Size 3: 12.5 x 2.8cm (5 x 1¼”)
Size 4: 14 x 3cm (5½ x 1¼”)

More information on Amielle Care Vaginal Dilators

Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 19 x 12 x 8 cm

Size 0: 7cm x 1.5cm (2¾” x ¾”), Size 1: 9cm x 2cm (3½” x ¾”), Size 2: 11cm x 2.5cm (4¼” x 1”), Size 3: 14cm x 3cm (5½” x 1¼”), Size 4: 16cm x 3.5cm (6¼” x 1½”)


Medical grade plastic dilators and detachable handle, Personal lubricant sachet