General Information

You will receive your download link via email immediately following your order.

Your link provides you with 2 download attempts valid for 7 days.

A. Downloading to Computer

1. Click on the download link you get sent via email.

2. Locate the download on your computer or device. If you can’t see your download run a search for Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women Mobile

3. Double click on the zipped files to open

4. If nothing happens or you get a message that your computer cannot open the files then you will need to download a free extraction program such as:

  • Winzip for Windows
  • StuffItExpander or iZip for Mac (see below)

5. When you have the extraction program installed double click or right click on the zip to open it. You should see a total of 7 MP3 files listed – one for each track in your workout.

6. Highlight and double click on all 7 files and you can extract the files to another location on your computer (click “Extract” or “Move To”). One of the easiest places to move your files for easy access is your desktop.

7. The files should play automatically when you double click on them using your software such as Windows Media Player or Quicktime

B. Downloading to iPhone or iPad

1. Install and open the free iZip РZip Unzip Unrar Tool from the App store. This App allows you to open any zip file on your mobile device. Apple does not allow zipped files or other media to be downloaded via the Safari internet browser.

2. When you click on your Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises download link in your onscreen purchase receipt your device will provide you with a prompt at the top of your screen “Open in”

3. Click on this prompt and you will be able to open your CD download zip. You will see 7 MP3 files – one for each track in your workout.

4. Your device will ask would you like to extract all files – select OK.

You should now have your Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises Workout at your fingertips – enjoy!