4 Simple Steps to doing Kegel Exercises that Strengthen

kegel exercises

kegel exercises

Learn how to do Kegel exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with this simple beginners guide to Kegels.

Read on now to learn:

  • How to find your pelvic floor
  • How to feel your Kegel exercises
  • How many Kegels you need to do
  • How to start your Kegels
  • Quick tips for successful Kegel exercises

Step 1. How to Find Your Pelvic Floor

Your pelvic floor muscles sit in layers in and around your pelvic openings where you sit. This is where you should feel your Kegel exercises.

To find your pelvic floor muscles feel the space between your sit bones and the area between your tail bone at the back and your pubic bone at the front.

Step 2. How to Feel Your Kegel Exercises

When your pelvic floor muscles contract during Kegel exercises, your pelvic openings should squeeze closed and you should feel an inwards lifting movement in and around all of your pelvic openings.

Tips to feel your pelvic floor muscles

  • Slow or stop the flow of urine once started (do this as an occasional test not as an exercise)
  • Stop gas or wind from passing by contracting the muscles around your anus
  • Use a hand mirror to watch your pelvic openings squeeze with your Kegel exercises.

The Pelvic Educator is a simple inexpensive device used by clinicians to help women feel their Kegel exercises.

Step 3. How Many Kegels? How Often?

If your pelvic floor muscles are weak it is completely normal to find that you can only do a few exercises, and hold only for a few seconds with each exercise.

Start with the number of Kegel exercises you can do using the correct technique. With practice over time your pelvic floor strength will improve so that you will be able to perform more exercises and maintain each contraction longer.

Step 4. How to Start Your Kegel Exercises

  • Start in a comfortable position lying down – some women find that lying prone on their stomach or kneeling on all fours can help them with Kegel exercises when starting out. Alternatively lie down on your side or on your back.
  • Keep the normal inwards curve in your lower back during your exercises.
  • Squeeze and lift inwards in and around your pelvic openings.
  • Keep lifting and squeezing for as long as you can up to 10 seconds.
  • Relax your pelvic floor muscles back to resting level.
  • Rest until you feel recovered and repeat your Kegels up to 8-12 times in a row.
  • Repeat your exercises 3 times daily.

Quick Tips for Successful Kegel Exercises

  • Commence with gentle exercises
  • Gradually progress how strongly you contract your pelvic floor as your strength improves
  • Breathe normally during your exercises and try to avoid holding your breath
  • Avoid bulging or straining down during your exercises
  • If you feel unsure about your correct technique, seek professional help from a Physical Therapist.

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