Physio Guide for How to Use Luna Beads for Strength & Tone

Need help to restore and strengthen your pelvic floor? Luna Beads

Are you wondering how to use Luna Beads for active strengthening?

Many women find that active Kegel exercises using Luna Beads help strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles more effectively than traditional methods.

Read on now for your 6 step guide for how to use Luna Beads along with:

  • What are Luna Beads?
  • How to use Luna Beads
  • What is the traditional method of using Luna Beads & problems
  • Do Luna Beads work?
  • Are Luna Beads safe?
  • When NOT to use Luna Beads

What are Luna Beads?

Luna Beads are premium quality system of 4 weighted Kegel exercise balls. Designed by Lelo of Sweden, Luna Beads are renowned for their quality and design excellence.

The weighted beads are ideal for progressive strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles and improving the sensation and feedback of correct pelvic floor exercise technique.

Luna Beads are molded to provide a comfortable fit within the vagina.

Luna Beads Mini are a slightly smaller in diameter for the comfort of smaller sized women.

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6 Step Guide for How to Use Luna Beads with Kegel Exercises

Luna Beads can be used for active strengthening with Kegel exercises.

Active pelvic floor training can help women:

  • Strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles
  • Restore pelvic support
  • Improve bladder control
  • Improve sensation
  • Improve intimacy

Please note: Kegel exercises with Luna Beads should never cause physical discomfort during or after exercise. In the unlikely event that you experience discomfort with weighted Kegel exercises take a break from exercises and seek professional advice should discomfort persist.

Step 1

Wash your hands and place a small quantity of water-based lubricant on one of the pink (28 g) Luna Beads – pink is the ideal colour bead to start with as it is the lightest weighted bead.

Step 2

Insert the pink bead to sit just above your pelvic floor muscles. Gently insert the bead standing up with one foot resting on a low stool.

Your pelvic floor muscles sit approximately 2-3 cm within your vagina. The bead should sit just above your pelvic floor muscles in the lower part of the vagina rather than sitting high within the vagina where a tampon would sit.

Step 3

Correct Kegel exercise technique with Luna Beads involves squeezing, lifting inside and lowering the Luna bead using your pelvic floor muscles.

Touch the base of the bead with your finger or feel the retraction leash if you are unable to reach the bead. As you do so, actively contract your pelvic floor muscles doing a single Kegel exercise and feel the bead lift inwards away from your finger.

Step 4

Relax your pelvic floor muscles and feel the bead move downwards towards your finger to its original starting position. Rest your pelvic floor muscles before repeating the next weighted Kegel exercise.

Step 5 Luna Beads in Girdle

Repeat up to 10 successive Kegel exercises or 1 set of Kegels.

Repeat up to 3 sets of exercises on 3 alternate weekdays.

Step 6

When you can comfortably manage 3 sets of 8- 10 weighted Kegel exercises using the pink bead, you may like to progress your active Kegel exercises by using the heavier powder blue (37 g) Luna bead or by combining 2 Kegel balls in the girdle (see right).

Traditional Method of Using Luna Beads

Some women use Luna Beads as a pleasure device which is a different approach to the one outlined below.

Luna beads and other Kegel balls have traditionally been used for strengthening by inserting them into the vagina and using a wait and see approach, hoping that the pelvic floor muscles hold the balls in place. For many women this method isn’t enough.

To get most effective strengthening and toning using Luna Beads, an active approach to exercising is needed – just like strength training in the gym, only this is strength training for your pelvic floor muscles inside your body.

Problems with Traditional Methods of Using Luna Beads

Kegel balls have traditionally been used simply by inserting them into the vagina for strengthening rather than with active Kegel exercises.

Inserting the Kegel balls within the vagina doesn’t guarantee that the pelvic floor muscles will become stronger for a number of reasons:

  • The pelvic floor muscles need to actively contract for strengthening (the same as strength training in the gym where you need to lift and lower a weight to strengthen – not just hold onto it)
  • The stronger the pelvic floor muscles contract the more effective they strengthen – simply inserting a Kegel ball doesn’t ensure a strong pelvic floor muscle contraction
  • The traditional technique relies on a reflex contraction of the pelvic floor muscles to retain the balls within the vagina – many women completely lose their ability to for reflex pelvic floor contraction after a vaginal delivery

Do Luna Beads Work?

High quality studies have shown that Kegel exercises strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles, improve bladder control in women with stress incontinence and help reverse prolapse severity and prolapse symptoms in women with mild to moderate prolapse.

Only one study1 to date has investigated the effectiveness of progressive weighted ball strengthening with active Kegel exercises. The researchers found that 4 months of progressive daily weighted ball Kegel exercises combined with inserting weighted balls when moving around for 15 minutes daily increased pelvic floor strength and decreased stress urinary incontinence.

Luna Beads with Kegels can help women with:

  • Motivation to do their Kegel exercises
  • Feedback on their progress and strength improves
  • Feedback on their correct Kegel exercise technique
  • Progressive resistance to challenge their pelvic floor muscles for ongoing strengthening

Are Kegel Balls Safe for Everyone?

No, some women need to avoid using Kegel Balls including Luna beads.

Avoid using Luna beads with:

  • Pregnancy
  • Immediate recovery from childbirth
  • Immediate recovery from gynaecological surgery
  • Overactive pelvic floor or pelvic floor muscle spasm
  • Active pelvic infection
  • Pelvic pain

Knowing how to use Luna Beads for active pelvic floor muscle strengthening may help you towards more effective pelvic floor training. The traditional method of using Lunda Beads Get Luna Beads by inserting them and moving around does not necessarily guarantee improved pelvic floor strength.

Active Kegels using Luna Beads are a great way for women to challenge their pelvic floor muscles to work harder, progress Kegel exercises and motivate themselves towards getting the best possible results using their Luna Beads.

1Arvonen T, Fianu-Jonasson A & Tyni-Lenné R (2001) Effectiveness of two conservative modes of physical therapy in women with urinary stress incontinence. Neurourology and Urodynamics Volume 20, Issue 5, pages 591–599, 2001

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