How to use Contiform at Home for Immediate Bladder Control

Confident womanAre you tired of bladder leakage and wetness?

Contiform is an immediate solution for managing stress incontinence (bladder leakage) with cough, sneeze or exercise.

Developed by a leading Australian Gynaecologist, Contiform is prescribed by health and medical professionals worldwide and is also available for women to use in the privacy of their home.

Read on now for everything you need to know to help you use Contiform at home:

  • What is Contiform?
  • How to fit your Contiform device – simple 2 step guide
  • Is Contiform suited to you
  • Is Contiform safe 
  • Tips for best results
  • When not to use Contiform?
  • What the research says about Contiform

What is Contiform?

Contiform New User
Contiform devices all sizes and silicone removal ribbon

Contiform is a flexible medical device right that sits within the vagina and supports the urethra (urine tube).

The device is designed to support the walls of the vagina and the urine tube. This physical support can reduce or eliminate bladder leakage and wetness with coughing, sneezing and general exercise.

Contiform devices (shown right) are available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large).

Contiform is a discreet internal solution for women seeking to stop wetness and eliminate the need to use panty liners or continence pads.

Is Contiform Suited to you?

Contiform is designed to improve bladder control in women with:

  • Weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Wetness during exercise or activity
  • Bladder leakage after childbirth or menopause
  • Poor outcomes from surgery for stress incontinence
  • The desire to delay or avoid surgery for stress incontinence

How to Fit Contiform – Simple 2 Step Guide

Contiform New User Kit
Contiform New User Kit

Getting the correct fit to suit your size will help you get the most benefit from your device.

The Contiform Starter Pack (shown right) is designed to help establish the right size device for your body.

It provides you with all 3 available sizes for you to try along with an instructional DVD.

Where to get your Contiform New User Kit

Step 1 – Fitting the Correct Size Contiform Device

  • Start with the medium size device
  • Wash your hands
  • Rinse the medium device in warm water and dry
  • Apply a small amount water-based lubricant to the outer surface of the device
  • Squeeze the device firmly into a crescent or ‘C’ shape and insert into your vagina just as you would insert a tampon
  • The long curved edge of the device sits against the front wall of your vagina; the smaller ring sits against the back wall closer to your rectum
  • Release the device when correctly positioned and it will gently spring open

Step 2 – Testing that your Device Fits Correctly

A. Test the fit of the medium device by moving into standing and walking around – a correctly fitting device will stay in place and feel comfortable

→ If the medium device slips out of position when you move around remove it by pulling gently on the silicone ribbon and repeat Step 1 using the large Contiform unit.

→ If the medium device feels uncomfortable remove it and repeat Step 1 using the small size unit

B. Test the fit of the medium device by emptying your bladder with the device fitted – a well fitting device will allow you to empty your bladder without any difficulty

→ If you experience any difficulty emptying your bladder, remove the medium device and repeat Steps 1 and 2 using the small device

C. Stress incontinence should be noticeably decreased or eliminated in most cases when the Contiform device is correctly fitted

First time users of Contiform are advised by Contiform to seek assistance from a qualified Continence Nurse Advisor or Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist when first fitting their device.

Is Contiform Safe to Use?

Research into the effectiveness of Contiform 1 showed found no adverse outcomes using Contiform as directed during the study duration.

Contiform is designed for internal use made from latex free non absorbent medical grade elastomeric material. The silicone ribbon can be detached and sits outside the body if it is used for removal.

Contiform is a registered incontinence appliance with the Therapeutic Goods Association (and therefore tax free).

It is important to ensure your device fits you correctly. If the device is too large it can make bladder emptying difficult. When the device is correctly fitted there are no problems with bladder emptying.

Tips for Best Results using Contiform Contiform Replacement Units (sizes S,M,L)

  • Wear Contiform as little or often as you choose to – some women use Contiform during exercise, others choose to use it for all day protection
  • Contiform will last 45-60 days with everyday use and longer with less frequent use
  • Contiform replacement units (shown right) are economical and available individually in all 3 sizes
  • When you require a new Contiform device simply order the single Contiform replacement unit in your preferred size
  • Remove Contiform every 24 hours or less and before going to sleep
  • Clean Contiform with warm water and non-perfumed soap after every use before drying thoroughly and storing in an air tight plastic bag
  • Monitor your device for deep cracks in the surface. When the unit is first used the surface is designed to crack slightly when it is compressed. Deep cracks are a sign that the unit needs to be replaced
  • Follow the manufacturers’ guidelines supplied with Contiform for best results

What the Research says about Contiform

Research has supported the effectiveness of using Contiform for stress incontinence.

Researchinto the effectiveness of Contiform in women with stress incontinence found that 29 out of the 37 women fitted with a medium device had reduced stress incontinence. Using 24 hour pad test measures for leakage, of the 37 women, 20 women were completely dry and 9 women had a marked reduction in stress incontinence.

When not to use Contiform?

The manufacturers advise against using this device:

  • During pregnancy
  • With an IUD or coil device
  • If you have active vaginal infection
  • With vaginal soreness or vaginal erosion
  • With pelvic organ prolapse
  • During sexual intercourse

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 Allen W, Leek H, Izurieta A, Moore K (2008) Update: The Contiform intravaginal device in four sizes for treatment of stress incontinence.  Int Urogynecol J; 19:757-761.

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