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How to Choose the Best Personal Lubricant to Avoid Vaginal Irritation

Is your personal lubricant causing your discomfort, thrush or internal irritation?  Confused about how to choose the best personal lubricant to keep your body safe? Many personal lubricants are formulated from natural and synthetic ingredients that can cause internal irritation, tissue breakdown and/or infection. Read on to know: Safety issues with personal lubricants Benefits of […]

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Lube for Comfort & Safety

Does your lube leave you with pain, redness or discomfort? Maybe you’re not using the best lube to keep your tissues healthy and safe. Some of the ingredients commonplace in popular lubricants can cause: Vaginal irritation Allergy Infection Abrasion Read on now for your complete guide to choosing the best lube for your body What […]

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