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Physio Guide for How to Use Luna Beads for Strength & Tone

Need help to restore and strengthen your pelvic floor?  Are you wondering how to use Luna Beads for active strengthening? Many women find that active Kegel exercises using Luna Beads help strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles more effectively than traditional methods. Read on now for your 6 step guide for how to use Luna […]

How to use Contiform at Home for Immediate Bladder Control

Are you tired of bladder leakage and wetness? Contiform is an immediate solution for managing stress incontinence (bladder leakage) with cough, sneeze or exercise. Developed by a leading Australian Gynaecologist, Contiform is prescribed by health and medical professionals worldwide and is also available for women to use in the privacy of their home. Read on […]

How to use Aquaflex Cones to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Are you new to using vaginal weights?   Do you want to know how to use Aquaflex cones to get the best possible results? This article teaches you how to get the most out of Aquaflex cones to strengthen your pelvic floor and improve your bladder control. Read on now to for: 2 Step beginners […]

Does Aquaflex Meet your Needs ? Aquaflex Reviews by Kegels

Are you trying to decide whether Aquaflex will meet your needs? No single exerciser suits all women – every woman is different. Read on to decide whether Aquaflex reviews as the best pelvic exerciser for your needs. Aquaflex Review Contents What is Aquaflex? Product contents & features What it’s going to do for you Who […]

3 Steps for Strengthening with Smartballs for Kegel Exercises

Smart balls award winning Kegal balls are ideally suited to helping women with pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Read on now to learn: • Smart balls unique design for Kegels • 3 Step guide to strengthening with Smartballs Smart Balls Design for Kegels Smart balls are premium pelvic exercisers and they received the 2010 International Forum […]

Vaginal Weight Training Workout to Strengthen your Pelvic Floor

Vaginal weight training combined with Kegel Exercise is a great way to train and strengthen your pelvic floor. Active strengthening using vaginal weight training involves lifting and lowering a vaginal weight using the pelvic floor muscles – just as you would use weights in the gym. Active weighted Kegel exercise is a more effective method […]

How to use Smart Balls for Pelvic Floor Exercises

Smart balls award winning Kegel balls are ideally suited to helping you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.  Smart balls were awarded the 2010 International Forum Design Award in Hannover for design excellence. These pelvic exercisers are weighted Kegel balls  and can be used just like regular weights for strengthening pelvic floor muscles. Read on now to […]

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