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Are you trying to decide whether Aquaflex will meet your needs?

No single exerciser suits all women – every woman is different.

Read on to decide whether Aquaflex reviews as the best pelvic exerciser for your needs.

Aquaflex Review Contents

  1. What is Aquaflex?
  2. Product contents & features
  3. What it’s going to do for you
  4. Who is unlikely to benefit ?
  5. What are the outstanding features of Aquaflex?
  6. What are the downsides to using Aquaflex?
  7. When not to use Aquaflex

 What is Aquaflex?

Aquaflex is a system of vaginal weights and cones designed for:

  • Pelvic floor strengthening
  • Improving bladder control

Aquaflex is a designated medical device and is therefore Tax exempt.

Aquaflex Contents & Features

A. Aquaflex Contents Aquaflex

  • Compact storage case
  • 4 circular stainless steel vaginal weights (5 g, 10 g & 2 x 20 g)
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 hollow vaginal medical grade plastic cones consisting of: 1 Starter cone (larger) is 65 mm long, 27 mm diameter,1 Regular cone (smaller) is 65 mm long, 20 mm diameter.Cones both have a retraction leash for removal

B. Aquaflex Features

Progressive weighted system

The stainless steel weights can be stacked together upon an internal post holder within each of the hollow cones. This design feature allows the user to commence with a small weight and then progressively increase the weight used as her strength improves.

Comfortable Contoured Fit

Most women who use Aquaflex report that the smooth rounded edges of the cone are comfortable during insertion and when retained during Kegel exercises.

User Friendly

The screw top cones are easily opened to change the weights and ease of cleaning. The retraction leash remains outside the body during strengthening for ease of removal from the  body.

Clinically Proven

Aquaflex has been clinically proven with research showing that 70% of cases of stress incontinence improved or cured in women using Aquaflex over a 12 week trial.

What Aquaflex will do for you

Aquaflex is designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve bladder control.

According to Patterson Medical (manufacturers) Aquaflex promotes  reflex pelvic floor muscle contraction. Physiotherapists often use Aquaflex with active Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Aquaflex is best suited to women with:

      • Weak pelvic floor muscles
      • Decreased tone in their pelvic floor
      • Bladder control problems
      • Difficulty feeling their Kegel exercises
      • The ability to contract their pelvic floor who desire additional challenge for strengthening
      • Women who understand the correct action for contracting their pelvic floor muscles

Who is Unlikely to Benefit from Aquaflex?

Some women are not suited to using weighted pelvic exercisers such as Aquaflex:

      • Women who can’t voluntarily contract their pelvic floor muscles
      • Women with significant pelvic floor nerve or pelvic floor muscle damage

What are the Outstanding Features of Aquaflex

Aquaflex has a number of unique design features that set this exerciser apart from other vaginal weights.

Progressive Strengthening

This all in one strengthening system promotes maximal strengthening. Many weighted pelvic exercisers need to be purchased individually whereas Aquaflex is a complete set allowing the user to progressively strengthen by increasing the weight lifted.

Self Monitoring

Women can monitor their strength gains according to the weight they progress to – this can be motivating for some women seeking the assurance of visible results.


Aquaflex is a designated medical device by the Therapeutic Goods Association and as such is tax free. Manufactured by Patterson Medical the quality medical grade materials are safe, durable and easily cleaned for hygiene. Once cleaned they are hygienically stored in the storage case.

What are the Downsides to using Aquaflex?


Some women find that the cone slips out of position when standing upright. This problem has been reported in some women with large vagina often following the birth of large babies. Many women find that starting out with the larger diameter beginner cone helps them to retain the cone in the correct position however women with large vaginal space may find that weighted pelvic exercise balls

Pelvic Floor Relaxation

The Aquaflex user manual instructs women to insert the Aquaflex cone and retain it within the vagina for 20 minutes at a time. Women need to ensure they completely relax their pelvic floor muscles having once contracted them to avoid pelvic floor muscle tension. Alternative methods of strengthening using vaginal weights with active pelvic floor muscle contractions are used by some Physiotherapists for pelvic floor strengthening.

When not to use Aquaflex?

Aquaflex should not be used:

      • During pregnancy
      • With a vaginal prolapse
      • During menstruation
      • During or immediately after intercourse
      • With a vaginal diaphragm or cap
      • With active pelvic infection

How to use Aquaflex for Active Strengthening?

Aquaflex can be used for active pelvic floor strengthening. This involves strength training the pelvic floor muscles using vaginal weights just as you would strength train other muscle groups in the gym. This method of strengthening may help you increase your active control over your pelvic floor.

Refer to our Kegel guidelines for using vaginal weights for active pelvic floor strengthening using Aquaflex.

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Aquaflex Review Summary

Aquaflex is a quality user friendly pelvic exerciser for women. It is well suited to women seeking an affordable all in one progressive pelvic floor strengthening system.

Aquaflex is not always the best pelvic exerciser for all women – those women who cannot contract their pelvic floor muscles and those with larger vagina may benefit more from alternative pelvic exerciser designs.

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