Monthly Archives: July 2013

How to Kegel and Strengthen your Pelvic Floor – Beginners Guide

Kegels are exercises for training the pelvic floor muscles. This 3 step guide for knowing how to Kegel will help you start strengthening your pelvic floor now. How to Kegel? Knowing how to Kegel and use the correct Kegel exercise technique can be challenging especially if you’ve never done Kegels or if your pelvic floor […]

How to Strengthen with Kegel Exercises for Men

What are Kegel Exercises for Men? Kegel exercises for men are repeated exercises that involve contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises aim to improve the strength and fitness of a man’s pelvic floor muscles. Read on to learn more about Kegel exercises for men: How Kegel exercises can help men How to […]

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